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Update 1: Enforcement of SASO Recognition Certificate for Selected Products

SASO has recently made an announcement regarding a new requirement for the shipment certification of the following group of products which will be fully enforced from 15th February 2018: CoC’s cannot be issued on/after 15 Feb without following the new rules .

SASO最近宣布将于2018年2月15日起全面实施新要求:以下產品需要額外申請SASO Recognition Certificate,然後才可以申請CoC,若不遵守新规定,2月15日之后不能申请CoC

Mobile Devices 手机设备

Car Batteries 汽车电池

Mobile Phone Batteries 手机电池

Water Pumps 水泵

Dishwashers 洗碗机

TV Sets 电视机

Chargers for Mobile Phones and Parts 手机充电器及零部件

Lighting 灯具

Electric Motors 电机

Computers and Laptops 电脑和笔记本电脑

In accordance with this announcement, it is now obligatory for the above-listed product categories to comply with the following requirements:

—— Safety testing by an IECEE CB Testing Laboratory

—— Issuance of Recognition Certificate from SASO

申請這個SASO Recognition Certificate,需要提供有效的CB證書。而其CB證書與測試報告必須是在IECEE CB認可的實驗室 ,SASO才会颁发认可证书。

Update 2: Enforcement of G-mark Requirement for Low Voltage (LV) Electrical Products 13種小家電必須要有G-Mark 才能申请CoC


Informed that SASO has decided to finally enforce the G-mark Regulation for Low Voltage (LV) Electrical Products starting from 18th January 2018. Only the (13) product group categories listed below of this procedure are currently required to be compliant to the G-mark LV technical regulations. More products are expected to be added to this list progressively in the future.